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Learn from the Masters in Shoulder series #1
28th January 2021
Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty - What did we learn during the last year?
Master class kiné de l’épaule #3
13th January 2021
Pourquoi mettre une prothèse inversée en cas de rupture massive de la coiffe ?
I-TRUES web series #2
16th December 2020
My Arthroscopic Management of Scaphoid Nonunion
Mini Battles E-Series Episode #14
03th December 2020
Superior capsule reconstruction
Master class kiné de l’épaule #2
02th December 2020
Rupture d'un tendon de la coiffe , quand opérer et pourquoi ?
I-TRUES web series #1
30th November 2020
Elbow Arthroscopy: Current technique and Indications
FX Solutions Webinar - Principles of reverse TSA with special regards to stemless designs - Prof. Jörg Jerosch
27th November 2020
The Mini Battles Series - Episode #15
19th November 2020
Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
EUSSER-SECEC Webinar Nov 17th, 2020 "Re-Play"
17th November 2020
Non-operative and operative treatment of repairable rotator cuff tears: search for an European consensus
Master class kiné de l’épaule #1
04th November 2020
Radiographies, Scanner, IRM, comment interpréter l’imagerie dans la pathologie de la coiffe des rotateurs
The Mini Battles Series - Episode #16
22th October 2020
First VIRTUAL LYON ELBOW advanced international course
20th October 2020
First VIRTUAL LYON WRIST advanced international course
13th October 2020
Toulouse Arthroscopic Shoulder Course
08th - 09th October 2020
Sagittal balance E course
18th September 2020
1st SECEC Virtual Congress
01th September - 09th December 2020
Frozen Shoulder – Where are we today
07th August 2020
The Indian Arthroscopy Society
Nice Shoulder eCourse Nurse + PA 2020
11th July 2020
Nice Shoulder eCourse 2020
09th - 11th July 2020
6th TerBrugGen Symposium
05th May 2020
Rotator cuff scheuren: update
Paris Shoulder Symposium 2020
13th - 15th February 2020
14° International Congress of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery 2019
17th - 20th September 2019
International Balgrist Shoulder Course 2019
28th - 30th March 2019
Paris International Shoulder Course 2019
14th - 16th February 2019
11th Advanced Course on Shoulder Arthroscopy
20th - 25th January 2019
Advanced Shoulder Arthroplasty ASAP 2019
10th - 12th January 2019